The GoHawkeye Mission Statement

GoHawkeye's mission is ...

To provide support to adaptive organizations and individuals through financial aid, outdoor experiences and film making meant to inspire people of all abilities. Our films showcase people overcoming disabilities and reaching their goals through active lifestyles and outdoor adventures.

The Entry Period Has Ended For Bike Give Away Contest

Telluride, Colorado

The Great Outdoor Adaptive Adventure Contest

GoHawkeye will award an off road hand cycle, custom made in Crested Butte by Reactive Adaptations, to the individual who’s adaptive story is selected for our next film. We have received some great stories and our anonymous panel of judges is narrowing down the field. The final award selection will be announced at 12:00:01 AM on Friday August 1, 2014.

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GoHawkeye Trek Across Colorado Episode 5

Into The White

Duration: 15 Minutes. The long awaited conclusion to the 2013 Trek Across Colorado fundraiser hike to benefit the Telluride Adaptive Sports Program. Hawkeye finally makes it back to Mountain Village after a ten mile snowshoe hike through the back country on the last day of this epic adventure. See how he deals with severe weather that almost forces him off the trail permanently.


GoHawkeye Trek Across Colorado Episode 4 Part Two

The New Beginning

Duration: 11 Minutes. This episode of the GoHawkeye Trek Across Colorado marks the return of Hawkeye to the Colorado Trail, as seen in part one. After a lengthy rehab of his broken collar bone, sustained in a mountain biking crash while traveling solo in July, Hawkeye now has acclimatized to the trail again and joins the support crew with disabled atv adventurers Ron Magnus and Fred Winston in the Cochetopa Hills for part two featuring the ATV/Handcycle Jamboree.


GoHawkeye Trek Across Colorado Episode 4 Part One

The New Beginning

Duration: 9 Minutes. This episode of the GoHawkeye Trek Across Colorado marks the return of Hawkeye to the Colorado Trail at Twin Lakes. After a lengthy rehab of his broken collar bone, Hawkeye resumes this fundraiser hike just as the weather begins to turn toward winter. Jake O'Connor joins the GoHawkeye crew for this segment to hand cycle and fly fish in the Cochetopa Hills.


GoHawkeye Trek Across Colorado Episode 3

The Trail Never Ends

Duration: 10 Minutes. In this episode Hawkeye has come home to recover at world headquarters in Telluride, Colorado following his bike crash and injury. Hawkeye describes how his injuries are not only physical but mental as well as he deals with the reality of being forced off the trail on the GoHawkeye Trek Across Colorado. Episode 3, "The Trail Never Ends", highlights the recovery regimen Hawkeye must endure for weeks before he can return to the trail. Plenty of trout fishing porn and beautiful imagery to keep your eyes on the screen for this short segment.

Special thanks to for the music hookup!


GoHawkeye Trek Across Colorado Episode 2 Part Two

The Trail Has Answers

Duration: 8 Minutes. In this, the conclusion of episode 2, Hawkeye and blind hiker Kevin Foster summit the highest point in the Rocky Mountains, Mt. Elbert.

After a great week of hiking and climbing, Hawkeye returns to the trail solo at the end of this episode only to encounter a trip halting accident.

Filmed in the stunning Colorado Rocky Mountains along the Colorado Trail.


GoHawkeye Trek Across Colorado Episode 2 Part One

The Trail Has Answers

Duration: 19 Minutes. Hawkeye's return to the trail near Bailey, Colorado after the Ride festival in Telluride. He solo hikes this wilderness section of the trail in the GoHawkeye Trek Across Colorado enroute to Copper Mountain and hook up with visually impaired hiker Kevin Foster. Hawkeye and Kevin hike for a week together after which they summit the two highest peaks in Colorado, Mt. Massive and Mt. Elbert.


GoHawkeye Trek Across Colorado Episode 1

This Is How We Go!

Duration: 17 Minutes. The 2013 GOHAWKEYE Trek Across Colorado launched from Denver on July 6, 2013. Steve Ackerman who lives in a wheelchair joined Hawkeye on portions of the first three trail sections using an off-road hand cycle. Steve has hand cycled around the world and is extremely talented riding trails. Some parts of the Colorado Trail's sections 1 and 2 are not suited for a hand cycle and Steve was shuttled to the segments he could ride. Hawkeye biked the entire way and Steve joined him for the full day on section 3. Episode 1, "This Is How We Go" tells the story of their adventure on the beautiful Colorado Trail with the Rocky Mountain terrain serving as backdrop to the action.


The 2013 GoHawkeye Trek Across Colorado

"The GoHawkeye Trek across Colorado fundraiser for TASP is officially over! We raised $4000 for the Telluride Adaptive Sports Program on the 440 mile journey from Denver to Telluride and produced seven video episodes documenting the effort. Thanks to everyone who donated and/or participated. Since 2007, GoHawkeye has raised over $38,500 for TASP!"



Hawkeye's Year End Shout Out - 2013

A heartfelt THANKS to all the friends who helped make the 2013 GoHawkeye Trek Across Colorado fundraising hike a success! 440 miles from Denver to Telluride, 5 participants, 29 others in support and production roles who created 7 videos in five webisodes  over an 8 month period this past year.

I'm truly blessed to have such support.  I especially want to thank everyone who made a donation to the Telluride Adaptive Sports Program. Your gift means a lot and will really help.

Thanks again and have a great new year in 2014.


Participants: Steve Ackerman, Kevin Foster, Jake O'Connor, Ron Magnus and Fred Winston

Support Crew: Craig Stein, Deb Madaris, Lisa Smith,  Greg Lemon, Tyler Lemon, Trey Brown,

Courtney Stuecheli, Steven Norman, Angelo Martinez, Pam Seaboldt, Steve Hodges, Tracy Holiday, James & Christina Roth, Gordy Johnson, Tony Forrest, Paul Warner, Bob Gleason, Chuck Horning, Thad Quimby, Kacey Rose, Jamee Amundson, Bruce & Trina Hayes,

Ken & Cindy Swinarski, John Wright, and Bert & Linda from Ft. Collins.

Music By: Sam Morris, Jake Martin, Moby, Dysphunctional Species, and Safety Orange.



Posted Monday October 28, 2013 By Craig Stein - Media Director

Hawkeye Completes The 440 Mile Fundraising Hike


Last Spring, nobody could have imagined this expedition length project would span 127 days from it's beginning on July 6 to the finish on October 27. With delays due to injury, weather, and scheduling the 2013 GoHawkeye Trek Across Colorado saw the seasons change from Summer to Fall and then to Winter. Hawkeye traversed the width of the Colorado Rocky Mountains from the start of the Colorado Trail in Denver to his home in Telluride. This goal driven adventure was designed to bring awareness for access to the back country for those with disabilities. Additionally, this long distance hike was a fund raising effort to benefit the Telluride Adaptive Sports Program.


The entire hike has been documented by the GoHawkeyeTV crew and editing of the second half of the action is in the works. A varied collection of Hawkeye's friends, who live with disabilities, joined him on sections of this trek. Each webisode features a different adventure Hawkeye experienced with these friends who have overcome their physical barriers to get into the outdoors to recreate. Check out all the great stories HERE


The wild backdrop of the Colorado Rocky Mountains along the continental divide made for amazing motion pictures. It was impossible to shoot out on location without this fantasy-like characteristic we are so spoiled with here in the West. The diversity of terrain and climate is truly featured in these productions.



About The GoHawkeye Trek Across Colorado

On July 6, 2013, long distance hiker and Telluride Adaptive Sports Program (TASP) volunteer, Hawkeye Johnson, began his trek across Colorado. Hawkeye is traveling by foot and mountain bike from Denver, Colorado to his home in Telluride 440 miles away as a fundraiser to benefit TASP.


Follow his trek along the multi-use Colorado Trail as five athletes from the adaptive community join him on  to promote accessibility to the back country by different modes of transport including foot, hand-cycle, and horseback.


Hawkeye created the GoHawkeye fundraising campaign in 2007 to combine his passion for long distance hiking and working with people adapting to physical and mental challenges. GoHawkeye raises funds for TASP, a non-profit organization dedicated to enriching the lives of people with disabilities by providing educational and recreational opportunities that develop life skills and personal growth. You can support TASP by pledging per mile or making a flat donation to GoHawkeye. 100% of money raised benefits TASP;  TASP is a 501(3)c non-profit organization and donations are tax deductible.


Hawkeye has hiked over 16,000 miles and earned the Triple Crown of long distance hiking, twice (The Triple Crown of Hiking is comprised of the Appalachian Trail, the Continental Divide Trail, and the Pacific Crest Trail).

He has been involved with TASP for 14 years as a guide for the blind, ski & snowboard Instructor, a staff trainer, and fundraiser. GoHawkeye has raised over $35,000. for the program.


Check out the Trail Journals to follow Hawkeye on his most recent adventure and read journal entries from past hikes.



This short film tells the story of accessibility and finding personal freedom from physical barriers through the mountain bike, the trail, and the river.



Off The Hook is upbeat and close up, depicting a better than average day in the life of Jake. From bed, to wheelchair, to hand cycle, he makes his way onto pristine Rocky Mountain fly fishing waters via mountain bike trails. Like the river, his journey flows and turns, can be fast or quiet, and in this moment, if he manages to catch a fish or two, that would be "off the hook!"